Timing software for the Olympic sport of Curling

Announcing the official launch of CurlTime Pro

After many years of development and testing, we are proud to make the new CurlTime Pro available to the curling world. The World Curling Federation has made it possible for us to allow any member of the WCF to download a copy of CurlTime Pro ….free of charge!

Timing Standard for Curling Worldwide

Since 2006, CurlTime has been adopted by the World Curling Federation as the standard timing system for all WCF events worldwide. As such, CurlTime is being used in over 40 nations around the globe. The new CurlTime Pro has many new and useful features for timekeepers, timing supervisors and for broadcast television (allowing for all timing data to be streamed live). Despite the new interface, we have attempted to maintain as much ease of use as possible.
Timer bench at the 2019 World Qualifiers in Naseby, New Zealand

New Partnerships

For the 2019-2020 season, CurlTime will be partnering with SuperVision Ltd out of Calgary, Alberta to integrate CurlTime Pro with their system for use during Curling Canada’s main events

NOTE: Latest version incorporates the new WCF rule change of extra 10 seconds at end of breaks